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Kokeshi omiyage - Réf. 22-016

Souvenir kokeshi (or Omiyage) were very fashionable in the 1950s to 1970s. They willingly took as subject a famous landscape, a local specialty,... It is this anecdotal aspect that made them so popular.

This young woman's body is painted with a wild landscape drawn on a deep black background. A haiku (short Japanese poem) decorates the top of the design. It is signed on the left side.

The opposition of the raw materials (the bark of the tree) and the refined landscape is very interesting. 

This kokeshi wears a red scarf decorated with yellow.

It is a touching object.

This is a vintage kokeshi wearing very light   traces of use. See photos



Kokeshi omiyage - Réf. 22-016


    Weight : 41O  gr

    Size : 22  cm

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