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Miyagawa Kunio - Réf. 22-017

This creative kokeshi (or sosaku kokeshi) can also belong to the category of souvenir kokeshi.

Its creator, Miyagawa Kunio, has indeed drawn under the haori of this young girl, the famous tori of Miyajima, as well as its pagoda. A red maple leaf and another yellow adorn the haori, a tribute to the momiji who adorn themselves with a thousand colors in the fall giving a magical spectacle on this island of Itsukushima (the other name of Miyajima).


It's a vintage kokeshi  wearing very light   traces of use. See photos.



Miyagawa Kunio - Réf. 22-017

  • Craftsman : Master Miyagawa Kunio (1933 - )

    Weight : 340g

    Size : 25cm


  • - Free delivery from 200 € 

    - Shipping within 48 hours by registered Colissimo 

    - Protected and secure shipment 

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