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Miyashita Hajime - Ref. 22-018

Miyashita Hajime was born in Yonezawa City, Iwate, and studied under Master Craftsman Kobayashi Kichitaro.

He began his career in Sosaku in 1959, and won numerous awards including the Prime Minister's Award in 1977. Emperor Naruhito and Empress Masako (still crown prince and princess) bought several kokeshi from him in 1969, sensitive to its aesthetics.

This beautiful kokeshi is in mahogany tones. Camellia flowers come adorned  her kimono held up by a green obi with golden patterns. Some details are pyro-engraved and bring a luxurious note to this kokeshi.

It bears the Hanko seal under its base.

It is still in its original box. The label indicates the name of the craftsman as well as the award of the Prime Minister's prize but also the prize of the Minister of International Trade and Industry. The craftsman's hanko seal is also featured.

In red, the name of the kokeshi: Satowabe.

It is a very nice collector's item.


It is a vintage kokeshi with very slight signs of wear.


Miyashita Hajime - Ref. 22-018

  • Craftsman : Master Miyashita Hajime (1940  - )

    Weight : 180g

    Size : 15cm


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